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Top tips for looking your best at a wedding this summer while also surviving the heat Posted On 31 May 2022

It would be pointless to look incredible if you are simply sweltering through the vows


Summer is undoubtedly a fantastic time of the year to get married - for many reasons.


There is a better chance of beautiful weather, which makes pictures of the special day just that bit better, there is a much lower chance of rain dampening the mood, even in England and days are longer than other times of the year, so the celebrations can be extended.


A summer wedding sounds an absolute dream, correct?


However, there is one issue some may not consider if looking to tie the knot from June to August - what if it is too warm?


Wedding attire is typically quite heavy, whether wearing beautiful, long dresses or a three-piece suit, it can get a little bit warm, even in the summer.


The last thing you want is to feel a hot and sweaty while celebrating with your loved ones.


We have collected together a couple of tips for wedding fashion ideas for the summer, to hopefully help you keep cool.


Dress bright


This tip is always a good suggestion - on warmer days make sure you are wearing brighter colours.


Dark colours, such as black, dark navy and grey can easily trap in the heat and make the day quite uncomfortable.


Floral patterns, yellows and subtle pinks are always a good choice for wedding guests.


For bonus points as well, the happy couple are sure to be pleased to see a wave of colour when flicking through their photograph album after the day.


Get out the sandals


Sandals, despite being very comfortable and a shoe choice many associate with relaxing days on the beach, are a great choice for wedding shoes.


Strappy sandals are a good way to keep your feet cool and still look fashionable enough to be part of a wedding outfit.



Unfortunately, there is not too much help for the men when it comes to the shoe department as sandals are not regularly accepted on the gents at any point during a wedding day - sorry!

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