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Snow Day Posted On 31 March 2022

As much of the UK wakes up to snow this morning, we look back at the last time it snowed in March

Isn’t British weather amazing? Only a week ago we were all in our gardens making the most of the glorious sunshine, sparking up the BBQ and turning off the central heating, and now, this morning, a lot of us have woken up to snow! For those of us who ran to the garden centre to do some instant gardening, we’re now praying the plants we bought are frost resistant. But this isn’t the first time it has snowed in March, and it probably won’t be the last.

We have to go back nearly ten-years, 2013, to the last time it snowed this late into the year. Described as ‘The worst snowfall in 30-years,’ on the night of the 22nd March, a blizzard hit most of the UK alongside strong winds and severe cold temperatures. Up to 48-inches of snow fell in some places with massive 10-foot drifts reported in others.

In fact, that March was the second coldest on record since records began. The coldest March on record was in 1962, when the average daily temperature was a very chilly 1.9c. But what does the weather have in store for us moving into April and onto Easter?

According to Accuweather, the cold snap is due to end early next week, with more seasonal temperatures returning, alongside some sunshine. The rest of the month looks typically Spring-like with a mixture of warmer weather with some sunshine and rain; however, the good news is it looks like this Sunday will be the last frost of the year, which is great news for gardeners everywhere.

So, hopefully, we just have to get through the next few days, and we will be out the other side and able to look forward to getting back outside again, and hopefully be able to turn off the central heating… again…


For your local forecast, please follow this link - https://www.accuweather.com/

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