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Great Britain wins a gold medal at the Winter Olympics Posted On 23 February 2022

Great Britain won two medals at this year’s Winter Olympics, and one of them was a gold!


Taking place every four years, this year’s Winter Olympics took place in Beijing and saw Great Britain finishing in 19th place in the medals. We won two medals, a silver and a gold. Both medals were won for the curling, the men’s team winning the silver with the woman’s team clinching the gold medal.


Norway finished at the top of the medals table, winning both in terms of most gold medals and most medals in general, with 16 golds, eight silvers and 13 bronzes. Germany finished in second place with 12 golds, and China, the hosts, in third place, winning nine golds. It was the first time China has finished in the top three at the Winter Olympics.

New Zealand celebrated their first ever Winter Olympics gold medal, with Zoi Sadowski-Synnott triumphing in the women's snowboard slopestyle. Meanwhile, Bart Swings won Belgium's second ever Winter Olympics gold medal and first since 1948 in the speed skating mass start.


The Great Britain curling teams, both the men and the women, won silver and gold at this year’s Winter Olympics. This is three medals less than the GB team achieved at both the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics. The women's curling team was captained by Eve Muirhead, and won gold, beating Japan 10-3 in the gold medal game. The men's team was lead by Bruce Mouat, and they won the silver medal, having lost the gold medal match to Sweden 5-4 after an extra end.

The women winning the gold medal for curling meant that Great Britain have now kept up their streak of taking home at least one gold medal from the Winter Olympics four tournements running, having brought a gold medal home consecutively now since 2010.


Charlotte Bankes was one of the favourites, and expected to win the Women's Snowboard Cross event, but she was beaten in the Quarter Finals and finished 9th overall.

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