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Get Appy Posted On 19 January 2022


Apps to Make your Life that little bit Easier


Apps appeal to this basic psychological driver of human behaviour. It is much easier to use an app to go directly to something than it is to use a web page. Apps save time; they make it easier and more convenient for us to achieve things, and that’s why we like them. Another factor that makes many apps popular is that they are personal. If you think about the apps you use the most, they log you in and provide a completely personalised and customised experience. Read on to discover three apps that will help you organise your time and your goals.



When it comes to keeping track of your daily health and fitness habits, nothing compares to MyFitnessPal. You’ll be able to add your calorie intake, keep track of how much you walk every day and include workout sessions. Add your goal weight and, based on your size and typical activity, you’ll find out how long it will take you to reach that goal. Include a customised ingredient intake goal to keep an eye on your diet.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleeping is a major part of a healthy lifestyle and tends to be one of those activities that get overlooked, especially for those with a busy schedule. If you find yourself feeling tired and don’t know why, use this app to track your sleep cycle and find out what is going wrong. There are multiple types of alarm clocks to suit different needs, like immediate or slow wake-up modes. The sleep aid helps you fall asleep. The motion detector recognises when the Sandman has come and will turn off the audio track. Use the sleep notes to see how events like too much coffee or stress affects your sleep cycle.



Nothing says “productivity” the way Evernote does. You can write original notes, grab copied content from the Internet, and even save entire web pages. You can organise your notes into specific categories and add tags for easy research. Make lists and check off items as you complete them. Prepare agendas for upcoming meetings. Share your notes with others for collaboration. You can save your travel reservation and ticket information so you can easily find it all in one place.

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