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Fascinating pastimes for you to pick up that do not require staring at a screen Posted On 23 March 2022

Our lives are governed by what is happening on our small devices, why not try something new?


The vast majority of us spend a lot of our days looking at screens.


Whether at work typing away on a computer, watching Netflix’s newest fascinating true crime documentary, scrolling through social media feeds before falling asleep or playing the latest video game that has the internet gripped - we all do it.


Sometimes it is easy to fall into a constant cycle of looking from one screen to another, to another and then maybe even another.


Why not pick up a brand new hobby or pastime that does not involve looking at, tapping or scrolling on another screen.


We have collected a few ideas to perhaps inspire you to try something new.


An old, yet golden hobby worth a go is creating models, such as Airfix Models.


Coming in sets to create all manner of vehicles including fighter planes from wars fought in the past, impressive warships, right up to a VW Campervan.


From the first time you cut out the wing of your 1:72 scale Red Arrows Hawk from the frame and arrange it on your table ready to be painted and assembled, you will be hooked.


Why not head out into the outdoors while taking on a new hobby by taking part in Geocaching.


Similar to a big, countrywide game of hide-and-seek, players stash away boxes of “treasures” and share their coordinates with one-another to try and find, by sharing them online.


While a mobile phone is traditionally used to play, you can download the coordinates and use a map and compass to give geocaching a go at a more different level to challenge yourself.


Another great way of using your time while creating something unique and personal is scrapbooking.


What better way of using those thousands of photos stashed away in your phone than getting them printed off, and stuck into a book to be passed around during your next dinner party?


Planning out and manually sticking each picture in the right order can create a lovely gift for a loved one or a treasure to keep for yourself.

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